Our life bringing Hope to the Heart of the Community. 

Helen 2018I used to believe, and indeed take for granted that on Sunday, when I turned up for church, the  Minister would pop in to preach, we’d have some lovely music and singing (not even thinking about the projection of lyrics), the collection baskets would be passed around then the children would go off to their groups behind the big white door and at the end of the service I’d get coffee.  I also believed that the church was open from 10am until 12pm on a Sunday and that was it for the week, oh, and how easy a Minister’s life was!

How Naive!

Since becoming an administrator of the Watnall Road Baptist Church my eyes have been opened wide and not more so than by having the privilege of compiling and editing the churches Annual Report.  Now let me get this straight. This is not just a boring run of the mill document.  This fabulous piece of work has had input from all of the many people who make our church run.  They gift to us their time, whether it be every week or once a month on a myriad of rotas, so that our time at church is one of restoration and reflection from the previous week and one of preparation to propel us into the week ahead.  I urge you to bear this in mind as you read the story of our recent year and pray into each aspect of church life to see if you can gift your time or indeed talent.  As an example I recently counted more than 60 people who give their time to support the church with Children, Youth and Senior Ministry.  Yet we are so blessed with children and vulnerable adults that we always need more help!

To get involved or to respond by giving your gift of finance or time and join one of our many fantastic 'Dream Teams' take a look at the documents below.  Please do get in touch or see here to get involved.

Enjoy the Annual Report below!

Helen Branson
Church Administrator

P.s. The church is actually open 7 days – Who knew!