Being Hope in the Heart of the Community 

There are many things happening for the community:

Renew Wellbeing

A shared space where it is OK not to be OK.

A Renew space is a place where “everybody knows your name”, where all are valued and no one is labelled. It is a space where anyone can suggest an activity, share a hobby, learn a new skill, make connections and be signposted to any help they need. It is a space where it is understood that we are all on a sliding scale of mental wellbeing and where it is possible to access help from the council’s mental health team without referral. It is a space where any faith and none are welcome to belong, to reduce social isolation and deal with the causes of mental and emotional ill health. It is a space where people can encounter God’s love and develop healthy inner practices of prayer and meditation. 


Our Natter group meets on Wednesday afternoon from 2 - 3.30pm except for the summer and Christmas school holidays. Anyone is welcome to come along for all or some of that time.

We provide an opportunity for older people to get together in a warm and comfortable venue and chat in an informal situation over a cup of tea/coffee and a cake.   We charge £1 for limitless drinks and cake!  We also arrange days out in the Spring and Autumn and a trip to the Playhouse Pantomime in December.

It has long been recognised that older people benefit greatly from this sort of interaction as many spend long hours at home alone. As a Christian community, we felt it was something we should attempt to offer. We hope you will come along and `look us over`.

If you would like more details please contact Barrie and Sue Clarke 0115 8400 225 or via this link Contact us

Coffee Shop

As you open the door into the Coffee Shop you will be welcomed by the aroma of fresh coffee, the comforting smell of warm toast and a happy greeting from one of our volunteers. Please find a table and take a look at the menu. What to choose - Cappuccino or Hot Chocolate, toast or teacake,  cake - Bara Brith, Carrot Cake or Lemon Drizzle? Make your order at the counter and very soon you will be served at your table.

In the Coffee Shop we welcome many regular and new friends every day, some taking a break from shopping, parents waiting for their children at dancing class, others on their way to or back from the doctors, friends meeting up for a chat, grandparents with little ones, those who enjoy a good cup of coffee while reading the paper and more.

The Coffee Shop is open from 9.00a.m. to 12 midday Monday to Saturday. We keep the prices affordable to enable all people from our community to enjoy refreshments served by volunteers who in turn are serving God and reflecting His love to everyone.

Engage Projects:

“Suppose a brother or sister is without clothes and daily food. If one of you says to them, ‘Go in peace, keep warm and well fed,’ but does nothing about their physical needs, what good is it?”   James 2 vs 16

The Engage Projects are a group of Churches Together activities in Hucknall. As a church we are involved in serving and donating to this work.

Engage Gifts

Engage Gifts is run by volunteers from several churches in the town and although we aim to make money to support the Engage Project our mission is to be a Christian presence in the heart of the town bringing Hope in the heart of our community. 

We supply an amazing range of Christian cards, books and beautiful gifts that are ethically sourced and from Christian suppliers.  Engage isn’t just a shop for Christians - we have a lot of secular cards and gifts too. Christenings and baptisms gifts are also available.

Every week we have people coming into Engage Gifts who simply need to talk.
People who have lost loved ones looking to buy a suitable card, those who want to buy cards and gifts to encourage friends and family, others who simply pop in to browse and a conversation is started about their faith and challenges they face.
Engage gifts opening times can vary as we are run by volunteers please check our FaceBook page for updated times.

If every Christian in Hucknall spent just £5 a year at our shop it would make a huge difference to the work of the Engage Projects.
Engage Food Project

The Engage food project helps people in Hucknall and the surrounding area who are struggling financially by giving out food parcels.
Over 700 Cans of beans, carrots, sweetcorn etc given out each month and  Over 100
Food parcels are given out each month

How you can help:
Donations of  non-perishable foods such as canned food, rice, pasta, biscuits, coffee, tea, cereal and toiletries can be brought to church or dropped at Under One Roof at Vine Terrace.

Speak to Yvonne Campbell if you would like to volunteer Tel: 0115 8400 225 or email

Engage Furniture Project

Engage Furniture is run by Churches Together in Hucknall, Linby and Papplewick, based at Under One Roof on Vine Terrace and seeks to make second-hand furniture and household goods available at affordable prices to people in Hucknall. Staffed entirely by volunteers we can collect donated items and deliver purchases. The project is open three mornings a week, on Monday, Thursday and Friday. Please call in or give Rebecca a call on 0115 9521236 if you have any furniture or whitegoods (except cookers) to donate.

It is particularly rewarding helping people who have moved into unfurnished accommodation with basic furniture such as a bed, settee and tables and chairs. Most of us take these things for granted; please consider donating any furniture you no longer need to the furniture project and make a real difference to people’s lives in Hucknall. We work in collaboration with local statutory services such as Ashfield District Council, whereby case workers bring to our attention specific needs that the people they are supporting require. If we are unable to meet these needs from the donated items we have, then we can purchase new furniture and household items with money provided by the Hucknall Relief in Need Charity.

Street Pastors

Hucknall Street Pastors is made up of Christians from six different Hucknall churches, including seven from WRBC.  Each Friday night a team of three or four Street Pastors patrol the High Street and surrounding areas of the town centre.  We are supported in this by Prayer Pastors who respond, pray and support us from Under One Roof on Vine Terrace.

We carry ID cards and are DBS checked.  Hucknall has many pubs / bars and more micro-pubs. There are lots of new houses being built and the town is growing. This will continue to change the climate on the streets, and thus affect our roles as Street Pastors. If you are interested in joining us as a Street Pastor or Prayer Pastor please contact us.